I was worried people would stare, gawk and say unkind things.What we have experienced however is that every person we meet responds with grace and kindness.
Our Team
Position     First Name Last Name
Chair     Lisa Buurma
Vice Chair     Rossy Jivkova
Treasurer     Tony Fraser
Secretary     Vacant  
Public Relations/Media     Vacant  
Past Chair     Janine Oosterveld
Director at Large      Arisa Alexanian
Director at Large     Jocelyne Bridle
Director at Large     Jenn Burechails
Director at Large     Janice Duncan
Director at Large     Chris Cartile
Director at Large     Tara Hart
Director at Large     Kimberley  Murphy
Director at Large     Janine Rorke
Director at Large     Matt Williams
Director at Large     Roberta Thompson
Director at Large     Anthony  Tamming
Director at Large     Shelly  Simms
Director at Large     Marita Elmazi
Committee Leads        
Newsletter     Lori  Murray
New Parent Contact Kitchener-Waterloo and Surrounding Area     Gena  Hiller
New Parent Contact Cambridge     Roopa Bose
New Parent Contact Guelph / Wellington County     Vanessa Richard
WWDSS Web Site      Steve  Nicholson
WWDSS Store     Sylvia  Cook
Cooking Classes     Rossy Jivkova
Cooking Classes     Mary Casagrande
Pizza Pals - Older Group     Susan Powell
Pizza Pals - Younger Group     Susan  Lott
Mom’s Night Out     Janice  Duncan
Dad's Night Out Guelph/Wellington County      Chris  Cartile
Teen Hangouts     Arisa Alexanian
      Steve  Nicholson
The Office     Lori  Maloney
WWDSS Calendar     Tara Hart
      Mary Casagrande
      Vanessa  Richard
      Katrina  Fraser
      Kate Heron
Mothers’ Connection     Wendy Newbery
Evening Speaker Series        
Therapy Bursaries     Alison  Senior
Passport Funding Preparation Bursary Program     Marianne Domm
Camp Bursary     Sylvia Cook
Bowling Party     Merita Elmazi
      Janine Rorke
World Down Syndrome Day Celebration     Janine  Rorke
      Jacelyne Bridle
      Stacey Beattie
      Kate Herron
      Jenn Burechails
      Carolyn  Cartile
WWDSS Family Picnic     Lisa & Ross Buurma
WWDSS Any Which Way You Can-A-Thon        
WWDSS Social Media     Vanessa Richard
Christmas Party     Mandi Butcher
Volunteer Coordinator      Julie Maxwell
WWDSS Representatives        
CDSS Affiliate Representative     Arisa  Alexanian
PAAC on SEAC      Marianne Domm
DSAO Representative     Mary Casagrande
Waterloo Region:    
SEAC- Catholic Primary     Kim  Murphy
SEAC - Public Primary     TBC  
SEAC - Catholic Alternate      TBC  
SEAC - Public Alternate     TBC  
Guelph / Wellington County        
SEAC - Catholic Primary     Amber Barens
SEAC - Public Primary     TBC  
SEAC - Catholic Alternate      TBC  
SEAC - Public Alternate     TBC