Abuse Awareness (ages 13+)

EVENT TITLE:  Abuse Awareness (ages 13+)


Description:  LEG Up! is partnering with WWDSS to offer a 5-course program for building independence skills.  This is the fourth course in the series. Learn about abuse and how you can keep yourself safe. By the end of this course, participants will have a better understanding of the following topics:


Week 1:  Understand Yes and No Feelings: Learn language to identify yes/no feelings and the actions that correspond with these feelings. Parents or caregivers will attend the first session in a concurrent session to learn more about the program content.
Week 2:  Types of Abuse: Identify types of abuse and examples of what different types of abuse might look like so they can be identified in real-life situations.
Week 3:  Boundaries: Discuss and practice skills needed to identify places that are private/public to create an understanding of the right to privacy.
Week 4:  How to be Assertive: Understand what it means to be assertive and when to use this skill to

respond in real-life situations.
Week 5:  Decision-Making: Discuss the process of reporting abuse and learn how to identify a

trusted person to help you navigate this process.
Week 6:  Safety Plan: Develop a personal safety plan that takes into consideration personal situations and that will create a personal safe zone in response to abuse.                


DATES: Thursdays, January 25 to March 7      

TIME:    6:00 to 7:30 pm

WHERE:  KW Habilitation, 99 Ottawa St. S.               

COST:    $50

REGISTER BY:     Wednesday, January 10

Special Notes:  Maximum 10 registrants. In addition to the instructor, we will have two workers supporting participants. There will be a parent meeting on Jan 25 to introduce the Abuse Awareness in a clearer manner. This is a very important topic, and we would like to build learning around tools to support parents. Everyone under 18 taking the Abuse Awareness needs to have a consent form signed by guardians following registration