On My Own (Ages 13+)

Sep 21st 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
KW Habilitation - 99 Ottawa St S

LEG Up! is partnering with WWDSS to offer a 5-course program for building independence skills.  This is the second course in the series. By the end of  6 weeks, students will have a better understanding of the following topics:  

Week 1:  Let's Clean!:  Learn how to clean your home and how to make a cleaning checklist to help you.
Week 2:  Laundry:  Discuss and practice how to manage your laundry in your own home.  
Week 3:  Time Management:  Practise time management strategies to help you use your time wisely.  
Week 4:  Getting Around:  Building learning and vocabulary to understand how to get around in your community.
Week 5:  Where to Live:  Learn about housing options and build skills to be a good neighbour.  
Week 6:  Personal Plan:  Discuss your goals and personal plan to live on your own.  (Parent involvement/attendance for part of this class).                 

DATES: Thursdays, September 21 to October 26      

TIME:    6:00 to 7:30 pm

WHERE:  Training Room at KW Habilitation, 99 Ottawa St. S.               

COST:    $50

REGISTER BY:     Wednesday, September 13th

Special Notes:  Maximum 10 registrants. In addition to the instructor, we will have two workers supporting participants.