Self Advocacy (ages 13+)


Learners will build skill and understanding to use their voice to self-advocate. Parent lessons will include language and activities to teach language to self-advocacy at home.

Week 1:  Self Advocacy:  Understand the meaning of the term self advocacy and other self advocacy language.  

Week 2:  How to be a Self Advocate:  Learn skills to be a self advocate and use your voice to create change. 

Week 3:  Understanding My Skills:  Discuss and practice the skills needed for self advocacy and learn how to use the skills to be heard.  

Week 4:  Self Determination:  Understand what self determination is and learn ways to make choices to manage your life.  

Week 5:  My Rights and Responsibilities:  Explore rights and responsbilities to build understanding to use them as a self advocate.  

Week 6: Self Advocacy Strategies:  Discover self advocacy strategies and build them into your everyday life.  

DATES: Thursdays, April 4 to May 9

TIME:    6:00 to 7:30 pm

WHERE:  KW Habilitation, 99 Ottawa St. S.               

COST:    $50


Special Notes:  Maximum 10 registrants. In addition to the instructor, we will have two workers supporting participants.