Through the years she has helped us and those around her realize we are not defined by our impediments or abilities but what you do with them

World Down Syndrome
World Down Syndrome Day

Each year on March 21st, WWDSS is proud to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD)! We invite the whole community to celebrate alongside us as we recognize the many abilities of people with Down syndrome and help spread awareness.


We are excited to be hosting an in-person PARTY on March 21st for the first time in 3 years. Join us to celebrate the Up Side of Down syndrome.



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Dance to our very own 3 2 1 Dance (Rock Your Socks) song.

a)  3 2 1 Dance (Rock Your Socks) was written in 2021 in conjunction with 3x Juno Award-nominated songwriter & music producer Alysha Brilla.



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You can download the song from Apple MusicSpotify or Amazon Music