He is a beautiful little boy who is both capable and deserving of greatness: great love, great deeds and the power to change people, one at a time.

World Down Syndrome
World Down Syndrome Day

Each year on March 21st, WWDSS is proud to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day! We invite the greater community to celebrate alongside us as we recognize the many abilities of people with Down syndrome and help spread awareness.

Join with us this year with our top 5 ways to celebrate

1- Get a lawn sign or a bracelet to show your support.

As you drive around Waterloo Region, Guelph and Wellington County, lawn signs with our campaign slogan to “See the Person. See the Ability.” are on display. Families have shared packages with their local daycare centres and schools. Lawn signs, bracelets, posters, ideas for celebration, and a new library book to learn more about Down syndrome will help students proudly celebrate with their class.

2- Check out a book on Down syndrome from the library.

Several library branches will have displays with posters, pamphlets, and books to learn more about Down syndrome. Special lighting will be on display at Waterloo and Guelph City Halls to celebrate outside. 

3- Wear a pair of colorful or mismatched socks.  Need a pair?  We have you covered! 

Wearing colorful or mismatched socks, which are thought to resemble chromosomes, is a common way to celebrate the date and spark conversation across the globe. 

4- Dance to our very own 3 2 1 Dance (Rock Your Socks) song.

3 2 1 Dance (Rock Your Socks) was written in 2021 in conjunction with 3x Juno Award-nominated songwriter & music producer Alysha Brilla.



          Screenshot (10).png         Click Image for video     

You can download the song from Apple MusicSpotify or Amazon Music 


5-     Grab a custom beer from TWB Brewing and toast us! 

        For more details visit TWBbrewing.com