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World Down Syndrome
World Down Syndrome Day


Celebrate with WWDSS by joining a worldwide virtual dance party. Rock your socks, dance to great music, help break a Guinness record, and listen to the worldwide debut of our WWDSS song called “3-2-1 Dance (Rock Your Socks)"! Join us between 7pm and 8pm (our time!) on Sunday, March 21st.

The worldwide virtual dance party is co-hosted by the DSAO (Down Syndrome Association of Ontario) and the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. 21 DJs from all corners of the world will perform continuously for 21 hours!

The event has been registered with Guinness World Records and we hope to have lots of our members, their friends, extended family and community supporters dance with us between 7pm – 8pm to recognize this special day and celebrate the worldwide debut of our song!

For more information about the event visit our website, or the DSAO website: https://www.dsao.ca/21-world-dance/  

Find the links below to join. The event will be broadcasted using Twitch.TV for music streaming and Zoom for video sharing dance moves. Both platforms will be running at the same time.




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For more information or questions about the events please contact us using the form below.