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Camp Bursary

The Waterloo Wellington Down Syndrome Society offers a camp bursary to assist with extra costs that can be associated with inclusion support for year-round camps for our children/youth with Down syndrome, and hopes to open doors to some camp experiences that otherwise would not be possible.

Purpose of the Camp Bursary:


The camp bursary is to assist families with costs involved over and above regular camp fees, for children/youth (ages 4-21) with Down syndrome to attend and participate in any camps (summer, March Break, PA Day, etc.). The registration fee for camps specifically designed for individuals with special needs tend to cost more due to added staff supports. In some cases, primarily for typical camps, the extra cost may be an additional fee charged by the camp for a camp-provided Inclusion Facilitator, or may be the cost involved with hiring and supplying your own support worker to attend the camp with your child.


What Qualifies for Reimbursement From the Bursary:

• Registration fees for typical in-person camps do not qualify for bursary funding
• Registration fees for in-person camps that are specifically designed for individuals with special needs that include added support will be covered up to 50%
• Full-time, part-time and virtual camps qualify
• Bursary funds can be used to cover the costs for support workers (over 18 yrs. old) that you hire to support your child/youth to participate in camp
• Bursary funds can be used to cover the extra costs charged for support workers/inclusion workers when your child/youth attends a typical camp

In order to qualify, you must be a member of WWDSS for a minimum of one calendar year.
Families are required to complete 10 hours of volunteer work for WWDSS during the current calendar year to receive this bursary. These hours are separate from/in addition to volunteer hours requirements for other bursary programs.


Approved applicants will need to provide the following for reimbursement:

Required by each approved applicant:

   A copy of the invoice/ receipt of payment for the camp registrations, proof of attendance at a camp

Required by applicants requesting reimbursement for a support worker/inclusion
worker that is hired by either the camp or directly by the family:

   A copy of the invoice/receipt of payment for the fee of the Inclusion Facilitator provided by the camp.


   A copy of the invoice or support form signed by the support person. If an invoice is being provided, the name, address, contacts and signature of the Inclusion Facilitator need to be included on the invoice, or complete the form that will come with the camp bursary approval letter.



How to Apply:


There are two ways to apply to the Camp Bursary Program.

  1. Online Application Form – click here
  2. Paper Application Form, to be printed, filled out, scanned, and sent back via email – Camp bursary_2023.pdf


If you have questions, please contact WWDSS using the form below