Over the years we've learned to never doubt what she can or can't do. If she is determined to do it, it usually happens. She wants to be a kid like everyone else and when the effort is made to include her at school, by her peers , or by in the community she thrives

Therapy Bursaries

WWDSS is pleased to offer financial support for Speech, Music, Physical and Occupational therapy, to assist children and adults within our membership. The intention of this program is to help offset the high costs of these private therapies that are not always provided through government programs or covered by employee benefit programs.

 In order to qualify:

  • Must be a member of WWDSS for a minimum of one calendar year
  • Must volunteer a minimum of 10 hours to help WWDSS plan and execute our fundraising and social events over the next year

For previous year applicants, prior to submitting your application, please be sure to log all your family’s volunteer hours from the previous year with WWDSS either online or by mail. This requirement does not apply for first time applicants.

Bursaries will be awarded depending on the success of our fundraising efforts, the number of bursary applications we receive, and each family’s employee benefits.

The application deadline each year is November 1st. The bursaries may be used between January 1st and December 31st of each year. Any unused funds are returned to the program at that time.

Information will be reviewed by the Bursary Program Committee and will remain confidential.

How to Apply:

There are two ways to apply to the Therapy Bursary Program.

1)      Online Application Form – Click Here

2)      Paper Application Form, to be printed, filled out, scanned and sent back via email or mail - Click Here


If you have questions, please contact using the form below.